The old characters are back! Pat, Bruce, Matthew, Domenica, Little Bertie and his parents are great in this series.

I know a lot of reviewers are raving about Ramsey Dunbarton and his appearances in the second book. I enjoyed him in the first novel. I think the reason why I enjoyed him in the first novel was because you were given a little bit of him in doses. In this sequel you get a lot of him! He was funny in the first book because of his ramblings but in the second one he is talking about his memoirs. These memoirs sections are so boring! He isn't funny anymore to me because he is going on and on for pages at a time about his life. The funny parts of the memoirs are usually his wife who has to sit and listen to them and some little bits of his life that make him look like a git!

The rest of the book regarding Pat and the rest of the gang on Scotland street is just as good as the first book, if not better! Pat meets a guy that has a interesting hobby. Bruce, and his god-likeness, starts a wine store even though he doesn't really know muchragarding wine. You can see how the characters have grown and Bertie and his father get more of a back bone regarding Irene, the overbearing mother.

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