I was not totally sure what to rate this book as. When it first arrived it looked beautiful, I loved the cover and overall it was of a high quality. When I started reading 'Mun Mun' I was transported to a new world, the author put a lot of work into describing the world and the lives of the characters. The plot also kept me hooked enough to keep on coming back so as to find out what happens to Warner, Prayer, and Usher. Though for as much as enjoyed this book, I feel that it could have been more, the concept was different and I feel that this book will become very popular for that alone, but something about the writing made me cringe from the first page to the last, and unfortunatly I could not shake that feeling. It was a good book, but I feel that it did not live up to its potential and that the writing style will limit this book to perhaps a teen audience.

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