Ah Dan...there are some aspects to you're books that I love and some not so much...

I do love that he mixes really interesting facts with fiction and reading this book will immediately make you want to google the Masons just as the Da Vinci Code had us all studying the Last Supper for hidden meanings. He must do some serious research for his books or else he has alot of help with them. The storyline in the Lost Symbol doesn't disappoint in this aspect with loads of facts about the Masons, the architecture in Washington and other symbolic references which will leave you wondering could all this be true???

The bad points to Brown's books are that basically they all have the exact same plotline. They all take place in current time with the book not lasting longer than one night, the characters are all extremely similar with the good guy and the bad guy and then the good guy turned bad guy and vice versa... The actual storyline is the same with Robert once again racing against time to save the world which happens an astonishingly large amount of time for a college professor but hey, who am I to judge who's eligible to be a hero or not.

An okay read but in the end its totally predictable as all of Dan Browns books inevitably are.

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