This was not what I expected at all after reading the back cover and buying it on a whim. The back cover does not make you any wiser to what the book is actually about. For one the main theme of the entire book is racism and this is not even mentioned.

However after getting past this non-sensical summary the book is actually very good. Its based in Southern America in the 1980's where times were still a little backward, and prob still are lets face it, it doesn't have a pleasant history where racism is concerned. The main character is a young black man who takes a job in the sherriffs department which immediately leads to a lot of controversy and it follows his story as he tries to unearth the truth about the murder of a young black man thirty years before, which as you can imagine isn't easy and doesn't go down too well with the locals.

I really liked this book it tackles the burning issue of racism in a new fresh way and I rooted for Kincaid all the way through. Will definitely be looking out for more PJ Parrish novels.

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