With it's psychedlic cover and dayglo colours SLIDE promises satire and wit and boy does it deliver! Lurking inside the ludicrously savage cover is a first time debut that is bold ambitious and groundbreakingly original . The story is a meataphor about a drug dealer who wants a chance at middle class respectablity and a routine existence but is lured into a surreal gangster heist with hysterical consequences. The beauty of the book lies in the style and the execution . Street talk is infused with poetry and lyrical warmth adding a raw texture to the narrative that is wildly unique . SLIDE is an oblique testament of the vices of modern society painting a cruel picture of greed and corruption and revealing the grotesque hypocrisy of those with access to "cushioned luxury and a Harley Street doctor on speed dial". The botox generation is
ferociously parodied and the ultimate message of the book appears to be that bad things happen to bad people and good things happen to bad people and that's just the way it is. Viola has a fearsome imagination and draws on art, and culture to turn on the heat . This is a slick, smart and impressive read . Well worth the 7 quid buy it now !

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