Twelve-year-old Hannah never tires of listening to her grandfather, Gomps, tell his American history stories. Her brother, Carter, would rather watch television. Gomps's story of Molly Pitcher, however, gets Carter thinking. Most of the stories are about men. What about women? Didn't they play a role in the founding of the United States? Fortunately, Gomps has plenty of tales about amazing colonial women. He shares nitty-gritty details about famous matriarchs such as Martha Washington and Abigail Adams and recalls the stories of little-known heroines such as Grace Levy and Abigail Minis. Despite their differing personal circumstances, all these women bucked the conventions of their day. They were strong and outspoken. They founded businesses and wielded weapons and farming tools. They raised families in harsh and sometimes deadly conditions. To Gomps, they were women warriors: American Amazons. In this unique look at women's history, a grandfather patiently explains the vital and underappreciated role of women in shaping early American history. American Amazons: Colonial Women Who Changed History is the perfect bedtime storybook for older kids, whether they're reading solo or snuggling with a family member.

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