As one of a handful of UK police officers trained by the SAS in deep cover surveillance, David Corbett infiltrated the toughest communities, living among junkies, prostitutes, murderers and firearm dealers, in order to gather evidence which would lead to dozens of convictions. His rapport with hardened criminals was forged during his youth on the mean streets of Glasgow, where he ran with the gangs, joyriding and stealing. But when his friends began disappearing into borstals, David decided it was time to take himself in hand and he followed his father into the police force. His ability to mingle with gangsters was soon identified as an asset and, after serving time in the CID - where he was involved in investigating the murder of Glasgow's Godfather, Arthur Thompson Junior - he became an undercover agent with the Scottish Crime Squad. He trained in urban and rural surveillance and invented a fictional past for himself. Like Donnie Brasco, the legendary US cop who won the trust of the Mafia, David risked his life every day: one false move and his cover would have been blown. The pinnacle of his career was an operation in the former pit town of Blyth, where there had been 15 drug-related deaths in 12 months. He left his sick wife and spent five months undercover, wired up, winning the confidence of the dealers, and had to deal with having his life endangered by a corrupt officer

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