Moonlight glints through the trees, pulling at your heart. Your skin feels alive, flowing. The pain is incredible, unimaginable - bones shattering and reshaping. You pass out for a moment, awake to a rush of new sensations, new scents. The trees call to run, the air calls for blood, the moon calls to the hunt.... Werewolf Saga author Steven E. Wedel brings you a collection of 12 lycanthropic legends including: * Journey to a New World * Of Witches and Werewolves * The Feast of Saratoga * Elysia * Call to the Hunt * Latent Lycanthropy * Biological Clock * Show Me * Sunday Dentistry * Kiss of the Wolf * To Be A Mother The Scrybe Press edition features an introduction by noted genre author Kelley Armstrong and contains four stories not in the original MoonHowler Press edition, three of which are previously unpublished.

  • Contemporary
  • Horror

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