"In the fashionable social circles of 1831, the vogue is to collect one's own menagerie, and a demand soon sets in for weird and wonderful animals from the four corners of the world. Musing over how a monkey (James I), a bear (Tom), and a turtle (Gazelle) came to inhabit the same Parisian drawing room, Dumas introduces Captain Pamphile, a decidedly unorthodox Proven├žal sea captain with a specialty for 'liberating' unusual species from their native shores. The narrative soon gives way to the story of Pamphile's own life--from his early hunting expeditions, to his daring naval hijackings, and his aberrant involvement in the local slave trade. A dark and distinctly humorous novel, Captain Pamphile is a thrilling adventure story, full of sea battles, defiant mutiny and exotic animals--all headed up by one of Dumas's most intriguing creations, the base yet thoroughly beguiling Captain Pamphile."--Publisher description, inside front cover.

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