In one tantalizing volume, a pair of Fern Michaels’s tempestuous and thrilling romances from her beloved Captive saga CAPTIVE SPLENDORS Crushed by the cruelty of the man she thought she loved, Wren flees the nightmare of London, seeking sanctuary aboard the Sea Siren, captained by the notorious rogue Caleb van der Rhys. Yet the voyage is anything but calm. Stormy passions, hidden dangers, and treachery dare Wren to entrust her heart to the one forbidden man who can awaken her deepest desires. CAPTIVE SECRETS Fury van der Rhys, the bold daughter of the infamous she-pirate Sirena, is outraged when she learns that a bootlegging beauty is posing as her mother. So Fury sets out to vanquish the gorgeous black-hearted pretender, Amalie, only to discover that she and her enemy desire the same man: a tall, dark-eyed Spaniard, whose shimmering passion Fury vows to claim for herself.

  • Contemporary
  • Family Saga

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