A handsome new edition of a miniature classic with a cult following One ofhe most delightful and idiosyncratic books on cricket Re-published to followurum's sales and critical success with Byron Rogers' biography of J.L. Carr,he Last Englishman (1 85410 984 7) Published in association with The Quinceree Press, the publishing imprint Carr founded and ran A perfect gift bookecorated throughout with Carr's own drawings and engravings Carr'sictionary of Extraordinary Cricketers is one of the most original - andmallest - books ever published about cricket. But it also does exactly whatts title says. From John Jackson, a retiring bowler who always blew his nosen embarassment whenever he clean-bowled a batsman, to Horace, the Trentridge groundsman's horse who, whenever he saw the Nottinghamshire number 11alking out to bat, would start to amble over towards the heavy roller, herere all the game of cricket's most eccentric and quixotic practitioners.;riginally this book was published by Carr himself as a miniature booklethat very quickly became a bestseller - with WH Smith alone selling many

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