So often we use words or phrases that, while we know what they mean, we don't know how they came into being. The story behind the word is often surprising and always interesting. People's fascination with language has never been greater as proven by the response to the best-selling Eats, Shoots, and Leaves. This retitled, repackaged, updated and slightly revised favorite will please that growing market. This new edition features a new design, inside and out, and timely updating of the most interesting words and phrases in Why You Say It and What's In a Word. Featured are such words and phrases as Alibi, Bikini, Capricious, Diddly-squat, Fiasco, Goon, Hip, Loophole, Maudlin, Spam, Taboo, Windfall, and 488 more. The entries are short enough for casual perusal and complete enough to give the whole story of where these words and phrases originated.

  • Linguistics
  • Etymology
  • Vocabulary, Slang & Word Lists

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