FANTASY & MAGICAL REALISM. In the school holidays, Chris Casey finds himself at a loss. His friends are away for the annual holidays. To console himself he searches the sky for his favourite constellations, knowing that his love of astronomy may be all that will keep his boredom at bay in the coming weeks. He could not be more wrong. Investigating a mysterious object that appears to have fallen from the sky and into the orchard of his garden, Chris encounters a knight transported there from another dimension and is soon taken there, to the medieval culture of Castellion. There, bewildered and homesick, he begins the true road to maturity and the fulfilment of his destiny. Re-named 'Frog' by his new-found friends, he quickly realises that he is destined to play a pivotal part in the future of both this dimension and his own. Fast-paced fantasy peopled with exotic characters and laced with wit, humour and a keen understanding of what it is that truly makes us who we are. Ages 9+.

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