Sixty of Jan Wong's most controversial and entertaining "Lunch With"columns from the Globe and Mail, combined with witty and wise comments from the author herself. Now is your chance to dine with Jan Wong as she dishes, disses and dissects the likes of Suzanne Somers, Margaret Trudeau, Stockwell Day, Atom Egoyan, Margaret Atwood, Mordecai Richler, Bryan Adams, Helen Gurley Brown, and many others. Here she reveals the story behind each column: what she had to do to get the interview, who came begging at her door, and why celebrities continue to accept her invitation to lunch. Her well-honed skills as an award-winning journalist prove invaluable with interview-savvy celebrities: her ability to probe behind the big (or small) PR machines, her tenacity in pursuing the stories that her lunch guests don't want told, and her willingness to ask the questions no one else dares ask. With an introduction on the lunching phenomenon, some appetizing background about the interviews, and (for dessert) some reactions from readers and guests, Lunch With is a delectable treat from start to finish.

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