'Ingram's refreshing voice transforms mysteries onto compelling reading.' MACLEAN'S Have you ever felt a sudden rush of recognition that you've been in a place before? What causes a déjà vu? Why do dogs look like their owners? What's up with insect swarms? What's the science behind showing your tongue? Do you keep drier by walking or running through a rainstorm? In this updated and expanded edition of The Science of Everyday Life, bestselling author Jay Ingram explains these and many more weird and fascinating mysteries. 'Ingram . . . acts as a kind of cross between a clear-eyed journalist and a tongue-in-cheek comedian.' THE GLOBE AND MAIL 'Ingram is a wizard at transforming complex curiosities of the natural and physical sciences into entertaining anecdotes.' THE EDMONTON SUN 'For those who like to ingest science in the form of intellectual hors d'oeuvres.' THE WASHINGTON POST

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