God is who He is--He doesn't pretend at being someone different. But that's not so easy for those of us who call ourselves His children. How about you? Does your Christian walk take place more among the heavenly lights or shifting shadows? At one time or another, each of us buys into the pretense of a Christian Facade. We do our best to pretend at happiness, but it only hides an inner darkness born of frustration, disappointment, or bitterness. Deep down we know we need to walk in the light-we should want the permanence of an authentic Christian life, but it seems out of reach. In Stop Pretending, Luis Palau provides readers with the key to moving beyond pretense to the ultimately satisfying experience of living the Christian life to the fullest. Delving into the first half of 2 Corinthians, this sensitive and engaging study reveals the Apostle Paul's own desire to live his faith to the fullest and shows readers how they too can experience every good gift made available to them by the Father! The authentic Christian life is within your grasp--you can Stop Pretending.

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