Camelot in New York? Not long ago, Arthur was an ordinary boy. Now he knows that he is the legendary King Arthur, returned to lead not just Britain but all mankind into a new era of justice, peace, and freedom. Accompanied by the wizard Merlin; Hal, an ex-FBI agent who is now Arthur's bodyguard; and a young girl who holds the powers of the ancient Druids, Arthur seeks the tools of his great work--the Holy Grail and the sword Excalibur. The Grail's magic has attracted the attention of a powerful sorcerer who will do anything and kill anyone to claim its power. To protect Arthur, Hal summons the Knights of the Round Table from their enchanted slumber in the mists of Camelot. The Knights--now New York City's newest motorcycle club--find the 20th century a confusing time, but they know their mission--fight evil and save the King. In the final battle, Arthur learns that having right on your side is not always enough. Sometimes there are sacrifices to be made. Will the Round Table never rise again? Will this Camelot, like the last, fade too soon into memory?

  • Contemporary
  • Literature & Fiction
  • Epic

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