Two sisters. One town. Terrible secrets. Susan; beautiful, disturbed and living in squalor, she wanders around the town, mute and accusing, an object of lust, fear and derision, the town witch, the town's guilty secret. Liz; years younger than Susan, in her last year of high school, worried about her looks, her weight, how popular she is, whether she will ever escape from Bedford and above all why her sister hates her so much. You see, she can't stop dreaming about Susan, vividly, horrifically. Dreams in which Susan tries to kill her, dreams from which she awakes strangely bruised. It turns out that everyone in Bedford dreams about Susan Marley. And when she dies, betrayed by life one final petty time, a hail of destruction is unleashed on the town of Bedford that is more terrifying than any dream.

  • Contemporary
  • Ghosts

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