Intended as an invitation to an alternative way of life, this anthology, released by Wanganui publishers Stead and Daughters, brings together some of the most important literature on the post-consumerist living strategy known as 'voluntary simplicity.' By examining afresh our relationship with money, material possessions, the planet, ourselves and each other, the simple life of voluntary simplicity is about discovering the freedom and contentment that comes with knowing how much consumption is truly enough. And this might be a theme that has something to say to everyone, especially those of us who are everyday bombarded with thousands of cultural messages insisting that 'more is always better.' Voluntary simplicity is an art of living that is aglow with the insight that 'just enough is plenty.' The contributors to this anthology - all leading figures in the voluntary simplicity movement - are highly distinguished scholars, activists, educators, and artists. Brought together so comprehensively for the first time, the result is a collection of the very best writing on one of today's most important but neglected ideas. This progressive book is essential reading for the thoughtful non-conformist.

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