The living crystals, karionin, have been searching for young wizards capable of attuning themselves to the magic of the stones. Now, in this third and final book of the trilogy, will Jerevan Rayne, who was cursed at a young age to be a wizard, meet his match in Alanna Cairn, who, with almost no training, bears the crystal Vyrkarion? Jerevan knows he must train her, but she wants nothing to do with him. Will the prophecy that says “the king will die, a god-king take his place, and a child will need to be saved,” come true? Will Aavik, the ruler of the lizard folk, who wants Vyrkarion for himself, find that corruption in the capitol benefits his goal? And will Rhys Cinnac, the halfbreed who was cursed by a god to madness, take the throne? Read Vyrkarion: The Talisman of Anor to find out who kills the king, who’s imprisoned in the Black Tower, who’s kidnapped, amd who escapes.

  • Literature & Fiction
  • Fantasy

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