Tommy Carmellini was the best burglar in the business. He was so good that most of his victims took weeks to find out they'd been robbed. But even the best slip up and they got him in the end. But then Tommy was given a choice. Go to prison or work for the CIA? State penitentiary or Langley? No choice at all, and now he must use his unique talents in a desperate search for information and - ultimately - power...In WAGES OF SIN, Tommy's sent to guard a farmhouse in Virginia's remote Blue Ridge Mountains, where top government operatives are debriefing a star defector: the ultimate KGB insider, a man with records on every operation and every dirty trick the agency has ever pulled.Tommy arrives to find the guards shot dead, and a ruthless team of US commandos slaughtering everyone in sight, then setting the house alight. Tommy escapes amid a hail of bullets with what appears to be the sole survivor, a beautiful translator who steals his car and leaves him for dead at the first opportunity. What secrets did the defector know? Who would have killed to prevent him talking? Smart money says someone in the US government is behind the massacre and is now after Tommy. And that begs the biggest question of all: in a world where nothing is as it seems and no one is who he pretends to be, who can Tommy trust? Finding out will be frightening. The answer may be deadly...

  • Suspense
  • Action & Adventure

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