After failing to pass the physicals for the Barrayaran Military Academy, the brittle-boned, dwarfish son of Cordelia and Aral Vorkosigan uses a clever touch of creativity to finance a shipment of munitions into a war zone. When this simple merchant expedition draws the attention of an unexpected enemy, Miles is forced to masquerade as commander of a fictional fleet of hired guns he names after the mountains near his home--the Dendarii Mercenaries. His original crew of misfits grows into a considerable force as enemies become allies, guided by the delicate political manoeuvrings Miles learned from his father. Miles' ability to think himself out of a tight spot makes him a natural - if unlikely - leader, but this adventure in deep space is just a warm-up. On his homeworld of Barrayar, a deadly plot has been hatched against his father, Aral. A carefully planned trap is being laid, and only the wiles of the empire's unlikeliest hero can thwart it…

  • Literature & Fiction
  • Space Opera

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